Code Worldwide


Helping clients build a vision of their business powered by technology. We have been a leader in marketing technology since 2003 and have empowered clients in every continent to build a new future for their businesses through technology. At Code, we speak both brand and technology – simply and fluently. We will say what we think, and do what we say. Our clients benefit both from our experience of having built big solutions for big clients - and from our unwaivering passion to innovate and challenge conventions of what is possible.


adZU is a suite of 60+ marketing automation apps which allow clients to transform their marketing. adZU apps help clients to create innovation in marketing strategy, to engage with their customers in all marketing channels, traditional and digital, to optimise their marketing on the fly and to streamline their marketing implementation process. Recognised by Gartner as a Visionary product, adZU is licensed by clients around the world in sectors such as automotive, retailing, telco, food and beverage and consulting.

User Experience Design

We believe that successful technology is about People. When you work with us, the first meeting starts with People; who they are, what we want them to do and why they would want to do it. And the last thing we do before delivery is test the experience of every user type. Our UX resources consist of consultants, designers, front-end coders, mobile developers and testers - and we are enormously proud of the quality of the user experiences we create


Clients and agencies are managing more content across more channels at greater speed with a greater need to provide personalised, relevant experiences for their audiences. We design and build products & platforms to manage this complexity. Code's team of Consultants, Technical Architects and software developers can be used as an outsourced innovation unit - a start-up for hire. We are used to delivering enterprise-class products for Fortune 500 businesses - but we are able to work in a truly Agile way: rapidly building prototypes for clients to test and learn, iterating through projects so that we continually deliver value and are able to respond quickly to opportunities and challenges.


For many brands, the first interaction point with their audience happens on mobile, whether that is search, mobile web, social or app. Mobile is also one of the biggest indicators of imminent purchase. Consumers have different needs from mobile - and brands have to respect that. Context is king and a good mobile experience has to do one thing well. Code helps clients design and build mobile first products. We develop the strategic role for mobile within the journey to purchase and realise that through multi-platform apps and responsive sites. And perhaps our greatest strength is our ability to integrate APIs to create rich, powerful and persuasive mobile engagements.


Content and Asset management. Marketing Resource Management. We strive to simplify marketing for our clients. We understand that you have to manage an ever-growing body of content and assets, which has to be repurposed for proliferating marketing channels. We understand that you need to deliver consistency and personalisation. We understand that you have an army of stakeholders to inform, educate, inspire and police. We give our clients simple to use tools for Content Management and Asset Management solutions built on our adZU platform and 3rd party tools such as Umbraco. We integrate your content with web and mobile and manage your workflows with task management and enterprise social solutions.


We track the data you create and we monitor how it works. So we can optimise your marketing and help you to do more, whilst spending less. For our adZU retail customers, we map media spend and creative to sales - so we can tell our customers which media, which offers, which images work better. We have developed a unique optimisation algorithm​ (now used by the world's largest advertisers) to predict and optimise marketing investment in order to maximise sales revenue. To give our clients the broadest view possible of their marketing, we integrate with multiple demographic and behavioural data sources from TGI to Google to Telmar to Roy Morgan - and use an open API approach to connect client's own data sources.




  • .NET
  • Amazon S3
  • Adobe Marketing and Creative Cloud
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Integrations
  • Phonegap
  • Umbraco Certified Partner
  • Appcelerator
  • HTML5 / Javascript