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Andrew North

Andrew North

Client Services Director - AU

Telstra are one of the, if not the,biggest brands in Australia.  Like AT&T or BT, Telstra were historically the government’s telecommunications provider, but now are a thriving multi-service Telco with a huge marketing spend, most visibly in sports sponsorship.

In spite of their scale, Telstra identified the need to have an effective local marketing strategy.  The scale and diversity of Australia, the fact that mobile and broadband products are different across the country and that Telstra has a large network of local stores means that Telstra needed to vary its message for its community and for each customer group within that community. 

But delivering a ‘Truly Local’ strategy in a country the size of Australia creates some challenges:

  • Messages needed to come from the local store owners but support the Telstra brand
  • Local media markets vary enormously so marketing had to be localised across press, outdoor, direct marketing, radio, TV, cinema etc
  • Telco purchases are primarily researched on-line so we needed to manage an on-line to off-line purchase journey
  • Local marketing needed to be delivered at scale, quickly and at low cost – but with each ad delivery being customised
  • Aussies like their sport – and we need to make sure we were promoting the right team sponsorships in the right towns (or risk a riot)


Telstra asked Code to help to create and implement a Truly Local strategy.


We delivered Telstra the 4th version of our innovative marketing automation platform: adZU OS.


Designed to meet the needs of a demanding generation of clients who have grown up with digital and data disruption, adZU OS is for Telstra the best solution to create local marketing through its licensee store network.


adZU allows Telstra to create customised end-to-end marketing solutions for clients by deploying combinations of the 60+ apps that exist within the adZU eco-system.

adZU allows the Telstra licensee stores to drive transformation within their business through improved marketing planning, audience targeting, strategic development, marketing content management, customization and real time delivery.

This simple web application allows Telstra retailers to build targeted, brand and legal compliant advertisements in minutes. The system works across multiple media types/channels allowing the licensees to optimise their spend based on effectiveness in their area: press, dm, outdoor, tv, cinema, radio, and facebook.

Despite not being trained marketers, adZU enables Telstra licensees to take a more sophisticated approach to local marketing, reaching potential customers in a much more personalized and targeted way.

In other words, Code helped Telstra to manage this new marketing world.